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Título: The Genetic Analysis of the Spanish DNA Bank
IP: Prof. Dr. Jaume Bertranpetit
Resumen del proyecto: Spanish DNA Bank as a common resource for use in forthcoming association studies. Geographical population This proposal describes the construction of a well characterised population from the structure can lead to false positive results in association studies. In a structured population, allele frequencies will vary geographically. If disease prevalence also varies geographically then cases and controls will tend to be drawn from different locations, and hence their allele frequencies will also tend to differ, leading to false positive association tests. This concern about structure has led to the development of statistical methods which “correct” for unknown population structure, by typing a collection of anonymous markers in addition to those of interest for the association study. The actual level of structure in the Spanish population is not known, but structuring certainly exists as a result of its past history. Our aim is to carefully assess the extent and nature of geographical population structure in the Spanish DNA Bank and its consequences for association studies by genotyping controls at many markers. This will allow halving the genotyping load for any subsequent association study and correcting for population structure through the genetic knowledge of each individual
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